The Issues At Hand

Public Education

It’s time to do right by our children.  We must fully fund our public schools, which are essential to prepare our children for a productive and responsible future.  We must enhance technical, career, special education, and college preparatory programs to ensure that all SC children reach their full potential and are prepared for the 21st Century workforce.  We must support innovative project-based learning.  We must provide mental health and social work professionals in the schools, allowing teachers to teach.  To ensure top notch instruction, we must raise teacher pay in line with the regional average and competitive with other industries.  We must maintain our school bus fleet, replacing obsolete buses, and reduce time children spend on buses.  Never send tax revenue to private schools.  Public education is the key to lifting families and driving economic development.


Our healthcare system must serve all the people in SC District 2.  Oconee’s public, non-profit hospital and its network of doctors has already merged with the Greenville Health System in order to survive.  Local hospitals and doctors are financially decimated because of uninsured patients. Thousands in our state and county still have no health insurance, and many of these folks are working with no benefits or unaffordable premiums.  We must expand Medicaid and work to get more insurance carriers in to the federal insurance market place to give people affordable options. Medicaid expansion will stop the financial bleeding of our local hospital. 


South Carolinians should not have to resort to petition drives to get the SC Legislature to do something about infrastructure. We must expand investment in roads, bridges, sewers and public transportation.    Traffic along the Hwy 123 corridor between Seneca and Clemson is terrible and will get worse due to population growth, new shopping centers, and increased Clemson enrollment. We must have a visionary plan to ease the congestion, so people can get to work, school, shopping and dining without long delays.  Instead of waiting until our infrastructure wears out, we must implement a long-term maintenance program which will save money in the long run.   We must get corruption and politics out of the selection process.  The right infrastructure projects benefit residents and businesses, improve quality of life, generate jobs in construction and trades, and drive long term economic development. 

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