Gross negligence, low productivity in Columbia

Seneca Journal, August 8, 2018


Dear Editor:

Bill Sandifer’s latest legislative update leaves hard working Oconee folk certain he has never had to work on production.  Certainly, this legislative session was long on talk and short on production.  


Why couldn’t that the Legislature even pass a budget during the regular session ending in May, instead of waiting until the “special session” of the legislature in late June?  There is no good reason why critical tasks like the budget and dealing with the VC Summer Nuclear failure were put off to last.  Cost of these special sessions are paid for by the taxpayer. 

Public Education for K4-12 matters most, yet it is low priority in Columbia.  We need to develop and stick to a long-term plan to attract and keep good teachers and to fully fund our schools.  Our state colleges and universities are an afterthought! Why are kids of SC folks squeezed out by high tuition, while wealthy out-of-state students can pay it?

Why was nothing done about healthcare access while our hospital system bleeds financially and undergoes mergers because thousands remain uninsured?

Why was nothing done to strengthen ethics laws and eliminate corruption in government, despite lip service about the arrests and convictions of lawmakers?

Regarding the failure of the VC Summer nuclear project, I would be remiss if I did not remind Oconee folks that Rep. Sandifer is directly responsible for the $9 Billion debacle. The sub-committee he chaired created and ram-rodded passage of the Base Load Review Act in 2007, with Sandifer saying the bill was needed to “protect the investors”.  This is the same Act he is now taking credit for repealing!  Sandifer’s BLR Act allowed the electric utility to raise people’s power bills in advance to pay for the project and eliminated the incentives for the power company to properly manage the project, resulting in billions in losses.  Oconee folks’ power bills are higher because the Electric Cooperatives are paying $6.6 Million per month for the failed project!


Taking credit for fixing a crisis of your own making is like wrecking your car after a night of partying, then bragging about getting the car fixed.

Gross negligence and low productivity will get employees of private industry fired.  In the legislature, it should get you voted out!

Jody Guy Gaulin

Candidate, SC House of Representatives, District 2

Rep. Bill Sandifer’s recent Legislative Updates surely have Oconee folks scratching their heads

Seneca Journal, May 2, 2018

Dear Editor:

Rep. Bill Sandifer’s recent Legislative Updates surely have Oconee folks scratching their heads.  

Regarding School violence, Rep Sandifer says that we must keep “children and teachers safe” and claims that it is an “absolutely a critical issue for me”.  In Oconee, our 10 elementary schools share 3 School Resource Officers. Rep. Sandifer says that the state budget “cannot bear” this kind of cost long term and says the local government and school district should fund it. Where will local governments get the funds except from the local taxpayers?  Here in Oconee, front page news has covered the struggle of our law enforcement and School District to fund SROs and proactive measures like mental health assessment and counseling needed to improve school safety. Rep. Sandifer might say the right words, but he is not fighting for Oconee folks down at the statehouse.

Rep. Sandifer says he is all about job creation and helping businesses in South Carolina.  Yet, he killed a Solar Energy bill that had majority support in the legislature using a sneaky technical maneuver, costing 3000 jobs and hindering growth of solar power generation.  In addition, we now know there are high tech companies that refuse to locate in South Carolina unless we have substantial solar power generation capacity, costing jobs and tax revenue.

Rep. Sandifer’s repeated claims that he “will continue to fight for the electric customers” rings hollow after the $9 Billion-dollar failure of the VC Summer nuclear project.  Rep. Sandifer still does not acknowledge his role as Chair of the sub- committee that created and fast tracked the Base Load Review Act, making him directly responsible for the debacle.  He also repeatedly failed to protect ratepayers by providing project oversight as Chair of the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee. While power bills increase all over SC, he now claims he is a champion of the people.   

I worked over 38 years in management in local industry, including as Plant Manager at WestPoint Stevens. The thousands of us current and former manufacturing employees in Oconee County are held to a high standard of performance for safety, quality and productivity in the work that we do! Can you imagine getting away with a screw-up like the $9B Nuclear debacle in private industry?  The only way to hold a politician accountable is in the voting booth!


Jody Guy Gaulin

Candidate, SC House of Representatives, District 2


©2018 by Jody Gaulin for SC House